Blog Post #5 – The Beta Presentation and its content

Hello and welcome to this week’s Blog post! We are now rapidly approaching the final milestone, which is the hand-in for the final version of our game Burning Hunt, which will be on the 16th of March. Therefore, the team and I are focusing on polishing the game as well as fixing all the remaining bugs, in order to have a satisfactory end product.

The topic I am going to talk about this time, is the Beta presentation. More specifically how I prepared the presentation as well as the content of said presentation. This presentation was held by me, this Monday and right afterwards the team`s lead designer, David, showcased the Beta build to the class. First off, I had to choose the style for the background and font that i was going to use for the presentation. Naturally I took the same assets that I have used for the Alpha presentation a few weeks ago, as that is what the crowd was familiar with already. This way, they could feel right at home, while taking in all the new and exciting information about the project.

Title Page
The title page, created by our Artist Elina Marjomaa

Before going into detail about the content of the presentation I´d like to explain how i went about answering the questions that we were given, such as “3 things that have gone well since last time and why?”. Before asking the team about their input and interesting reflections, I took notes by myself. This way I could not only fill the presentation with points that were important to the team, but I could also compare my point of view, as the team`s manager and producer, with their point of view. This made it possible to see, what the team was fond of, where they priorities lie, what they liked and disliked about the project, as well as the reasons behind it. So, one could indeed argue that I used the preparation of the Beta presentation as a tool of measurement, in order to get more insight about all the team members and make further improvements to the group dynamics.

Team Logo and members
Team Amarok logo and list of its members

Let me now go through every slide and explain one bullet point per slide, to give you a better insight in how the content came to exist.

Slide 1
How to build a wall together

The team spirit remained unbroken, a point on which everyone in team Amarok could agree upon. We are all still motivated and work very well together as a team. This is also the reason why we stay together for the next project and don´t split up,like most of the other teams. Though, some exhaustion due to a lot of stress, not only caused by the project, but also by the minor is definitely noticeable at this point.

Slide 2
But watch out, it may crumble!

Of course, there were also problems. One of the biggest problems was implementing the Knight enemy. Due to its complexity in terms of attack patterns and abilities, such as the shield charge, it turned out to be a lot more difficult to implement than initially anticipated. Eventually our lead coder Leevi was able to figure out how to fix the issues and make the Knight work, which gave him and the team a boost of confidence along the way. Therefore, if you hit a stone wall and it crumbles, make sure to rebuild it together with the team, through motivating and helping each other out.

Slide 3
The Knight offering solutions

How could we have prevented the problems with the Knight you might ask? Well, I would be the one to take the blame for it, as I didn´t set it´s priority in the Backlog high enough. This was also due to the fact that we redesigned him to be a mini-boss at the end of the alpha build. Therefore, having the design set in stone earlier on, as well as setting the priority of the Knight higher, would have prevented the issue most likely. Yet through several iterations and research, we were able to make the knight work afterall, as mentioned previously.

Slide 4
Focusing on the last milestone

So, all that is left now is to focus on the last milestone, which is the final version of the game. Here the focus is quite straight forward. We need to polish the game through additional playtesting as well as bug fixing. Furthermore, we need to swap out the remaining unfinished art-assets and then finetune the gameplay through balancing. This will definitely be quite an interesting final Sprint.

This concludes not only the blog post for this week, but sadly also the updates for this project, as the next weeks will be very busy with exams and other assignments  that are approaching. But don`t you fret dear reader, I will be back at some point! This time with news about the new project that Team Amarok will be undertaking for the “Theme Park”.


One thought on “Blog Post #5 – The Beta Presentation and its content

  1. Greetings Marcel!
    What a wonderful blog. I’m a new reader and this really impressed me! It is clear that you have spent time on making this beta presentation as elaborate and intriguing as possible. You have gone about it in an interesting way by having a discussion with your team members concerning the relevant questions. I went out of my way to keep my slaves in the dark as they would surely just come up with peasant-like criticism because they do not understand the fine art of project management, but every leader is different.

    You mention why you’re doing this, however this can be more detailed. I am very interested in your personal reflections, please share more of them. The post is valuable since we get a glimpse into a mangers way of thinking, and not just any manager but a German one at that. This blog has just earned you a full time reader sir.



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