Blog Post #3 – The importance of team building

Hello and welcome to this weeks Blog post! After having presented the Alpha version of our game, which now got renamed to Burning Hunt, my team and I are now focusing on adding the remaining artefacts. Those have to be implemented until the 5th of March for the Beta presentation. Since there is not a lot of time remaining, it can happen quite easily for members, in pretty much any team, to get stressed out. This not only results in the project suffering, but also, more importantly the team members themselves. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have a great group dynamic within the team, where everyone feels comfortable and helps each other out, especially through such stressful times.

This brings me to the topic of todays blog: team building. Team building is, as we have learned during our project management course last semester, essential in order to create a healthy atmosphere within the team. It does not only improve the general wellbeing of each and every member, but also increases their productivity and happiness. Additionally, it is proven to decrease the amount of time that people get distracted during working hours, because the team learns to better differentiate between working time and small talk time.

The dynamic within team Amarok was quite good already at the end of last semester, but I planned to improve it even further. Therefore, I organized an evening with the team, where we went out for bowling and pizza. It was a lot of fun and every member of the team enjoyed themselves quite a lot. In the first series I lead my team by example, but they quickly caught up in the next two series and interestingly enough at the very end everyone`s score was close together. Afterwards, we ate Pizza and gathered at our Artist´s home for some board games and other shenanigans. Every one of us had a great time and we shared a lot of good stories and created a memorable experience together.

Result of series #1

This was only one instance of team building “exercises” that I organized. Now the team has grown together and we meet up at the weekends very commonly. Therefore, it is safe to say that our group has grown past being team and reached the state of being a team consisting of friends. We enjoy working together so much, that we decided to stay together as a team for the next big project as well. So expect grand things from us!

This concludes my blog post for this week. If you want to find out how my adventure with team Amarok continues, just revisit the blog next week !


One thought on “Blog Post #3 – The importance of team building

  1. Hello M, this is F.

    Where do I begin? First of all, I have a hard time seeing team building as an artifact in the product backlog, therefore this blogpost is not very normal. Don’t get me wrong, I think your post is very valuable and there is good content explaining a method in detail instead. A team to projects is like bricks are to buildings. Teams will not reach its full potential without a strong bond and healthy atmosphere.

    The way you structure your post is of German quality. Although there is one thing you could improve on, what exactly is team building?! You write how important it is for creating a healthy atmosphere inside the team but you never go into detail what team building actually stands for. How does it increase the atmosphere? How does it increase their productivity and happiness? Basically what I’m trying to say is, you could have added “Team building is when you gather the team to do things that are not regarded as work, in order to….increase atmosphere etc.”. That’s the only improvement I could find in your entire post, it is well written.

    Good job M,
    Peace, Captain F.


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